같은 꿈


so we received the call this morning and headed straight to the ward. tough to see da gu in pain and i tried holding back the tears, but overwhelmed by my da gu zhang in sight, i wept silently.

few hours later, da gu finally broke down in tears over the phone and informed us da gu zhang ashes wld be scattered into the sea…..

May da gu zhang rest in eternal peace.



i hope ah gong can live healthily for another 1o years.

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i,m back! job-search seems to be harder than I thought. lalala nevertheless, hwaiting! employers, CALL ME!



thats the number of days left to my first paper.
am about to finish the first round of UOL-revision, just left with this weekend’s FM revision. had PMKT local-revision yst and i conclude, Patricia has this insuppressible synergy that will make u wanna work really hard for exams.
normally during UOL-revision, one wld start to wonder, “is the examiner giving us hints for our paper? Is this topic gonna be tested?” and when the local-revision follows aft this, you would start to wonder again whether the lecturer is playing mind-games with you, but Patricia understand students well. “We are in this together, I am on your side, remember.” To a student who is unprepared and super nervous for the finals, I teared instantaneously when those words were said. >,<

Out of 3/4 of the UOL-revision i,ve attended, OTIA & PMKT benefited me the most! OTIA cus my teacher sorta “coaxed” the examiner to reveal what are the topics that are not coming out for exam and i have already done half-bucket full of preparations for that subj.
Heider for PMKT was good cus he really did a revision for ALL the topics and gave some other insights to them. the subj which is the mossssst mind-boggling wld be Monetary Econs. I,m lagging behind for this and the best part is the examiner’s not coming down for UOL-revision; even our prelims scripts are marked by our very own Dr Hazelyn Yuen. 😦 i have so much fearrr for the papers!!!

even if i,m naturally-endowed with a pea brain at birth, pleaseee expand it to a humongous-ultra-super-mega-size pea for the nxt 1 month!!

dude sure looks like zaizai!


prelims are over, revision week is setting in, exams are coming!!



think i,m gonna go sch feeling heart-broken tmr. too much tragedy going on in one episode. 60mins felt lyk 145 mins! shall consider boycotting the writer’s nxt drama if she doesnt give me a happy ending! hmm or did ah-yong already gave us a hint? the scene which she dreamed of…..

Aftermath of Ep.16


this is crazy, my heart aches after every episode of Secret Garden. Here’s my plan. jus finished ep.16 (O.M.G), shall watch 17 & 18 over the next 2 days. and when i,m back on Saturday from JB, prepare myself for the finale. LOL cra cra ryte? this drama drove me to this extend.

Secret Garden


well, its a open secret isn’t it? my love for secret garden! goodness gracious me. when was the last time i felt so cra cra over a drama? i think it was cinderella sister’s 1st 4 episode. or maybe its way back during Family Honour’s era. this time round its different. this show’s torturing bit by bit. shouldn’t have started this so soon. now i,m stuck at ep. 13.5, refusing to continue watching, for i know i,ll go crazy when it stops at ep. 16.

10minutes into the pilot episode, i already had good vibes about it. The way Kim Ju Won aka Hyun Bin reacted when his name was called out on television made me cracked up like a little girl receiving her first X’Mas present! Following, was all sorts of fan-girl chortle in almost every scene Hyun Bin’s in it.

SG1-1 @ kimchidrama
SG1-1 @ kimchidrama

To be fair, parts of the plot are recycled from ur typical kdramas. but what made this drama stand out is its execution. the way history scenes are re-enacted, how they include book titles/quotes as part of the storyline, the witty-yet-sarcastic-and-blunt exchange between the actors, all these are what makes this show so so engaging!

Just to add on, script-writer for this drama is the lady who wrote Lovers in Paris too!! hope she doesn’t pull a prank on us. give us the happy ending! 라임 주원 계속 사랑하게해주세요~! (in Lovers in Paris, the ending was, it was all.a.Dream. wth. LOL)

now i,ve gotta wait till ep.18 comes out before i embark on the remaining eps! 忍~



mum brought grandpa to hospital for his check-up on his heart and i,m glad to hear that he’s off the doctor’s radar. ^__^ to me, it’s a blessing. for he’s my sole surviving grandparent left.

many a times, my mum wld whine over dinner time at how grandpa always buy sauced-duck instead of roasted duck and stuffing us with lots of charsiew-bao whenever my parents go over to 3rd Aunt place, where he stays. i just..sit quietly and listen. just appreciate what grandpa is doing for us, that’s all i know. 🙂



SO….i,m pretty sure he’s watching the match rt now.
the score’s 5-0, newcastle leading. he’s a newcastle fanatic and frm his FB message (of which i unintentionally saw it) this morning, i,m pretty sure he’s hyped up for this match. I would leave a msg on his wall rt now, like, “hey kelong or what? 5 goals for newcastle?!” IF we didn’t had a past. maybe 859 months later, the same situation happens again, i would perhaps leave a msg. LOL >.< and not that i do have feelings for him, but it's just….wierd. yea.. relationships' just this tricky sometimes!